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How to use PCE Industrial Electrical Plug And Sockets ?

PC electric is an Austria based company which provides extravagant notably high degree Industrial Plug – Sockets not just superative but rather qualitative ranges in this era of high end competitors.

‘AreteElsol’ deals with the electrical products in collaboration with ‘PCE’as an e-commerce business we are highly motivated by extending our quality to deliver a mark which could satisfy the need of customers.

We see the future by connecting our technology with the people to embrace the new future. The need of satisfication by our end customer ends is the valuable service we provide from our end.

List of our products with a brief overviewas respectively :-

PCE Industrial Plugs and Sockets

These are the devices that connect equipments to the alternating current (AC) power supply. Well mounted sockets are also called power points.


Due to physical interface that is one can easily switch it on and off using a switch. Removably connecting electrically operated devices to the power supply.


Industrial and multiphase power:-

Higher voltage currents than household plugs and sockets,

They are generally used when more thyan two current carrying conductors which is called Polyphase.

They need protection of environmental hazards.


The physical incompatibilities between plugs and socket built to different standard. Voltage converter is required for electrical compatibility.

Type and Ranges :-

Plugs , connectors, flanged plugs and sockets, wall mounted sockets, switched Interlocked sockets, architectural range, motor protection plugs, etc.

Technical Specifications :-

It is based on standards plugs and sockets categorized as type C, type D and type M with rated operating voltage of 400V and 230V and rated current 16A and 32A.

Features :-

Long electrical life, ergonomic design, outstanding resistance, high quality performance.


Connectors are the conductive device for connecting electrical circuits i.e. wires and cables.

Two types of connecions one is PERMANENT CONNECTION and the second is TEMPORARY CONNECTIONS.

Plugs and sockets are used for temporary connections.

Properties :-

Water resistant connectors to protect from water damage. Moisture and oil resistant connectors. EMI or RFI filtering i.e. protection against electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference (RFI).

Types of connectors :- USB Connectors, Audio connectors, Power Connectors.


It Provide connection to the electrical mains rated at higher currents than household plugs and sockets.

For connection of large equipments and generators Available at _ 16A, 32A, 63A in 3 pin and 5 pin version.


Mounted on the top of the surface, your hand would run into the object that was mounted.

Protruding and 100% exposed.

Rated curren at 125A

IP degree :- IP66 / IP67

Brand associated with PCE.


Switched interlock sockets are those sockets comes with an Interlock Switch.

Nominal Frequency :- 50/60Hz

Rated voltage :  415V

Current rated :  32A


PCE provides a wide range of product with their superior performance in the field of electrical industry. Some of the hence included as :-

Industrial plugs and sockets :- which comes with a wide ranges of connectors, flanged plug and sockets, wall mounted sockets, switched Interlocked Sockets,  architectural range, motor protection plugs etc.

Power Distribution/ Distribution boxes :-

These trumped up with ranges from wall mounted, hanging distribution, mobile distribution to energy pillars.

Protecting – testing equipment, cable reels/ extension cords

E-mobility :-

Specially used for powertrain technologies for vechiles, hence comes with range of charging stations wall mounted, charging stations, charging plug- in devices, elite docking stations.


Industrial sockets these are devices that are used to connect equipments to the alternating current (AC) power supply.The application of industrial sockets hence been used in different areas of Agricultural sector, Manufacturing sector, Airports, Construction sites, commercial spaces and Industrial layouts etc.

Features :-

Made up of Ergonomic design with an outstanding resistance followed by high quality performance for long electrical life.

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